Troll is a ground type monster on the Monster Tower.


Trolls can use three specific types of weapons, a Hammer, a bowgun and a Sword.

Hammers themselves are found in the tower as well. The most practical use of one is to throw it at an enemy Troll wielding either a Bow Gun (found on 10F and 11F) or a Troll Sword (found on 14 - 17F), as they will drop their own weapon in exchange for any other one thrown at them.

Their default weapon is the Hammer. it's not possible to remove the troll's weapon without changing it to a different weapon.


Specifics Sell Price
Hammer Melee 1000
Bow Gun Ranged, can't rust. Has significantly less accuracy. 4000

(Called "Troll" in-game, due to

the game still treating it as a


Melee, has higher power than the Hammer. 1


  • The Hammer and Sword, just like the player's own weapons, are capable of rusting.
    • However, when fused with Stealth, the Rust-Proof trait will prevent this from happening.
    • Troll weapons can also have an innate positive modifier like the player's equipment, but this does not seem to have an effect on their damage output, and only affects the sell price.
  • Familiar Troll AI can't use the Bow Gun for its intended purpose, only attacking at a melee range, unlike enemy Trolls. As such, it must be manually commanded to fire at a distant target. However, this can be beneficial when wanting to conserve the familiar's MP, or not wanting to waste time with an enemy.
  • The Bow Gun is less-commonly generated on floors than the Hammer or Sword, but since it can be obtained by giving a different weapon to enemy Trolls wielding one, Barong isn't as strongly recommended.
  • Interestingly, since the stats of all familiars cap at 255, the extra damage provided by the Troll Sword results in Troll having the highest potential melee damage output of all familiars. This does not take into account Killer's "Get serious" or Snowman and Saber's "Break obstacle" attacks.
  • Just like your pet Troll, you can throw troll weapons on Enemy Trolls to switch their current weapon.