Traps in the Monster Tower are hidden from sight until they are stepped on. Both Koh and monsters can trigger traps, but only Koh can disarm them by standing to an adjacent tile and attacking the traps.

BlinderThe trap blinds the player.
BombDamages the player and destroys any items nearby in 4 directions.
BumpWakes up any sleeping monsters in the room.
CrackThe terrain lowers.
Go upThe player will be shifted to the next floor.
Poison Inflicts the poison status effect.
PrisonMovement will be frozen and the player will become immobile.
ReversalCeiling and floor will be turned upside down.
RustThe equipment on hand will rust.
SleepThe trap puts the player to sleep.
UpheavalThe terrain rises.
WarpThe player will be shifted to another location.