Nico is Koh's childhood friend and neighbor, who reliably wakes you up every morning. Her dreams and aspirations are filled with visions of her living in a large culturally influenced city to experience the class of life. It is your job to take your childhood friendship a set further.

Girlfriend Guide

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1-Go to Nico's house and talk to her father after a little dialogue Nico will enter in the house and begin to talk you about her plan to make Monsbaiya a better place.

2-Go to the monster tower.

3-After leaving the tower go to the east side of the town's pond , you will find nico collecting money to build a fountain .Here you can donate 0, 1,100 or 1000 Gold , donate as much as posible ,after that (if you donated more than zero Gold) you will watch a small scene and see how Ghosh tries to impress Nico.

4-Repeat Steps two and three until the amount of donated money to Nico surpasses 1400 Gold.Finally go to the tower.

5-Go to Monsbaiya's center, Now the fountain is complete.

6-Go to the Monster Tower again.

7-Now Nico and Ghosh will be dating(it won't be like this forever).

8-Go to the tower once again, after going back, you'll notice a new character in the fountain, (a musician  called Chello) just talk to him and hear his music to tirgger a scene, no matter what answer you choose here (this will ONLY happen if step 6 of conquering Selfi has already happened in the game).

9-To finish conquering Nico go to her house to talk to her and then go to the tower, repeat.


  • Nico is the only one of Koh's girlfriend that has a portrait of her when she was a child.



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