The Monster Tower is a tower with a host of monsters swarms and breeds.


Located north of Monsbaiya, the Monster Tower is a mecca for treasure hunters.



  • 40 Floors.
  • No basement.
  • No Sky Floor.


  • 30 Floors.
  • Sky floor(31th Floor).
  • Has 100 Floors on basement.
  • Different Monster Names.

Tower Collapsing

The monster tower can be collapsed if you stay on one floor for a long time.

  • Start of Floor = 0 Step
  • Steps before Earthquake = 1024 Steps
  • Earthquake = 1025 Steps
  • Another Earthquake! Let's hurry upstairs! = 1155 Steps
  • Collapse Starts = 1220
  • Collapse of the whole floor = It depends how many rooms are there and add that to 1219 Steps +1 for the whole floor collapse



The elevator tile.

An Elevator is a map tile that let's you go to the next floor, there is always an Elevator on every floor. On the map / radar it's color is light green.