Monsbaiya (モンスバイア Monsubaia) is a town in the desert built near the Monster Tower, which is well known for having many monsters and treasures, being considered a mecca for treasure hunters.


  • Home (Unnamed) - Home of Koh and his family.
  • House of Nico - Nico Southey's house.
  • Big House (Unnamed) - Home of the Rode family.
  • Hospital - Clinic with poor equipment. Koh can buy medice with Hush or make donations to improve the place.
  • Monster Shop - Buys and sells monster eggs.
  • Blacksmith - Buys and sells items.
  • Carpenter - Can improve Koh's house and increase the amount of monsters the player can keep.
  • Bar - Sells drinks and has Hunters that give advice.
  • Restaurant - A place to eat.
  • General Store - Sells house decorations and gifts.
  • Fortune House - A place to ask about the future.
  • Temple - Temple where Jorda gives advice.
  • Pool - A place for refreshment in the hot desert town. Its pool is made to work with a magical Water Medal that keeps the water always clean. The Water Medal was stolen by Picket, making the water dirty and the pool is closed as it wasn't made to work with other tools and can't drain the water. Wotta asks Koh to recover it in the tower, and if he does, he will grant him unlimited access to the Wookie Wookie Pool, and he can see the girls looking gorgeous in their simsuits and bikinis.
  • Houses - Home of the Monsbaiya townspeople.
  • Windmills - Used to grind wheat, being useful for the townspeople for 100 years. Guru's magic oil pot was broken by Issac, and he asks Koh to find another oil pot in the 15th floor of the tower so the people won't stay without wheat.