Manoeva (マネーバ Manēba), also known as Analoeba in the English Game Boy Color version, is a monster species of the Water genus.

It is encountered as an enemy on both the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions of the game.

Azure Dreams (PSX)

As an enemy:

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Manoeva are encountered on several sets of floors, with additions to its behavior each time.

5F - 8F: Manoeva will not utilize their transformation ability whatsoever.

16F - 19F: Manoeva may disguise themselves as an item. This can most reliably be determined by seeing multiples of the same item type adjacent to one another, especially if one is right at the entrance of a room.

26F - 30F: Manoeva may also take on the form of other enemy monsters. The stats and genus of the Manoeva will persist even after transforming. The safest way to determine whether or not a monster is a transformed Manoeva is to compare the damage of most ranged attacks to what they'd normally do against a species.

Caution: It is not recommended to throw items such as a Roche Fruit or an Oleem at a transformed Manoeva, as the game has a tendency to lock up in these cases. This may be because it has difficulty processing what should happen to the transformed creature when interacting with those items. Notably in the case of a Roche Fruit, if the game can be recovered by disc reloading, the Manoeva will have reverted to its original form and left behind an Egg of the monster it copied.

A Manoeva may create a duplicate of itself when it sustains damage, although these are minor distractions, as they start out at level 1. A Vital Sword will prevent them from multiplying.

As a familiar:

Manoeva's Egg is likely to be found at several points in the tower due to its multiple appearances.

Manoeva's hidden spell is DeForth.


Like enemy Manoeva, familiar Manoeva potentially produce copies of themselves when they sustain damage. These copies are friendly to Koh and his familiars, but due to them starting at level 1, they are best used as a distraction of sorts.


Manoeva is the only monster in the game normally capable of transformation, which allows it to turn into almost any monster (ally or enemy) or item. After transforming into a different kind of monster, it can use commands which are innate to that species, although it does not gain the spells the target monster would have had. It will also gain other innate abilities that are not traits, such as Barong's ability to transmutate thrown items, Troll's ability to equip special weapons, and Flame and Ifrit's immunity to Zu's roar.

Manoeva cannot transform into the following: Koh, Ghosh, Beldo, Lazy Frog, obstacle-type entities, or other Manoeva. Transforming into the gloomy Pulunpa at 21F - 23F will simply result in it becoming a regular Pulunpa. It will also not eat Tumna Fruit normally, although it will if it has transformed into an item prior.

Directly returning a transformed Manoeva to the bag will cause it to regain all MP that it used in the transformed state.


Because of Manoeva's transformation has many oversights, and is easily exploited in a variety of ways. Because of this, Manoeva is widely considered to be the most desirable familiar in the game, and its early availability can make playthroughs much easier. However, this can also make Manoeva riskier to use.

  • Item duplication: The most infamous exploit in the game, it requires a Manoeva, a Picket, an item of choosing, and a Wind Crystal to safely return with the duplicates.
    • 1. Have Manoeva transform into Picket, placing the chosen item on the ground before it.
    • 2. Have the transformed Manoeva steal the aforementioned item.
    • 3. Recall Manoeva into the bag.
    • 4. Re-summon Manoeva and have it transform into Picket again.
    • 5. Have Manoeva spit out the item.
    • 6. Recall Manoeva once again. Upon transforming back, it will still have the same item saved in its sub-inventory, as the game is tricked into thinking the item was returned by a different monster.
    • 7. Pick up the item on the ground.
    • 8. Repeat steps 3 - 7 as much as desired/possible.
    • Note: If this is used for the Ultimate Egg, the item must be picked up from an adjacent square rather than by walking over it, as it is not programmed to show up in the player's inventory after being collected that way.
  • Evolution bug: By having a Manoeva transform into a monster that can evolve and then meeting the requirements to evolve, the game will show the evolution sequence, then lock up, although it can be recovered with disc reloading. Upon doing so, the Manoeva will have returned to its normal state, though it leaves behind the last frame of the evolution sequence, appearing as a still image of the monster. Recalling Manoeva into the bag at this point will cause the game to freeze entirely, until the player goes to the next floor or exits the tower.
  • Mid-transformation freeze: By having a Manoeva transform into Barong, and holding the button command for throwing an item as it does so, it will transmutate the item prematurely and be stuck in its semi-pixellated state. The game will lock up, although it can be recovered with disc reloading.


By default, Manoeva has a maximum of 70 MP. Its MP does not increase by level-up.

Manoeva's Stat Progression per Level (This does not account for items that increase its stats)

1 10 5 6
2 17 6 7
3 21 8 9
4 24 9 10
5 27 11 12
6 30 13 13
7 32 14 15
8 34 16 17
9 38 18 18
10 40 19 20
11 42 21 21
12 44 23 23
13 46 24 25
14 48 26 26
15 50 27 28
16 52 29 29
17 55 31 31
18 56 32 33
19 58 34 34
20 60 36 36
21 62 37 37
22 63 39 39
23 65 41 41
24 67 42 42
25 70 44 44
26 71 46 45
27 73 47 47
28 75 49 49
29 76 50 50
30 78 52 52
31 79 54 53
32 81 55 55
33 84 57 57
34 85 59 58
35 87 60 60
36 88 62 61
37 90 64 63
38 91 65 64
39 93 67 66
40 94 68 68