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Koh's house after upgrading it once

House== This is where you start each day. Koh likes to sleep in, so there will always be a short dialogue of a girl (Notably Nico at the start) waking him up. Different girls may show up depending on your relationships with them. 

Returning from the Tower


If you lose all your hp in the tower, you will wake up in your bed, losing all the items you found in the tower during that trip. Your familiars will have returned to the monster hut


If you use a wind crystal or an oleem fruit, you will return home with all your items in tow, and your mother Wreath will offer to take any items and sell them for you. 

The Safe

Koh can initially store up to 10 items in the safe. Since you can only bring 5 items with you to the tower, you may want to expand your house so that you can store more items as you become more successful in the tower.

The Bath

Koh bathes in a barrel just outside the house heated by a fire. Occasionally onlookers will stare and giggle as they pass by. 

Expanding the house

Visit Tonka to expand the house. The first expansion will increase your maximum storage to 30 items, and allow you more room for any furniture purchased from Fur's General Store. You will also get a private bath. 

The second expansion will allow you to store up to 60 items and even more room for decorations. You'll also get a swimming pool and a luxurious bath with fountains.