Azure Dreams has three main elements: Fire, Water, and Wind. They interact in a cycle similar to rock-paper-scissors: Fire beats Wind; Wind beats Water; Water beats Fire.

In the PlayStation version, there is also the 'Neutral' element. This element receives and deals out neutral damage against the three main elements, and it is Koh's default element if he is not wielding an elemental weapon, as well as that of HiKewne.

In the Game Boy Color version, this neutral element was re-interpreted somewhat. Koh without an elemental weapon, Ghosh, and Beldo all deal neutral damage, whereas HyKewne, DarKewne and Maisoul have the Dark element, which is advantageous against the three main elements.

By using a seed, the elements of monsters will change, along with that of any spells they might have known. During fusion, the resulting monster's element will be the superior element of the fusees (Fire + Wind = Fire).

Azure Dreams PSX

Elemental Equipment
Fire Water Ice Neutral
Scarlet Wand

Fire Sword

Scorch Shield

Stream Wand

Blizzard Sword

Ice Shield

Gulf Wand

Gulfwind Sword

Earth Shield

Any other weapon

or Koh's bare hands

Monsters by Elemental Genus
Fire Water Wind


Kewne Saber Death HiKewne
Dragon Snowman Clown
Kid Ashra Univern
Ifrit Arachne Unicorn
Flame Battnel Metal
Grineut Nyuel Block
Griffon Pulunpa Noise
Troll U-Boat Dreamin
Balloon Blume Cyclone
Volcano Manoeva Picket
Barong Kraken Stealth
Weadog Viper Zu
Naplass Mandara Garuda
Killer Glacier Golem
Tyrant Takopoo Maliling
Maximum Mushrom Soilclaw
Lazy Frog