Bells are metal objects that Koh can ring for various effects.

Name Description Effect Worth
Familiar Call back familiars to you. places your familiar(s) next to you. Very useful if you or your familiar(s) step on a Warp Trap, get abducted by a monster, pushed across the map by a glacier's ability, or otherwise lost and separated from each other. 400
Holy Chases a monster out of a room All enemies will walk out of the room you ring this bell in. Enemies will stay out and pace back and forth at the entrances of the room while the bell is in effect. Note that they will still attack you if you stand directly near the entrance. 100
Malicious Increases the level of enemy monsters on the current floor All monsters on the floor level up and are worth more exp. If your familiar is confused or brainwashed, they will also level up. This bell is best paired with a malicious scroll to achieve this effect. 800


Ghosh is also affected by holy bells and will walk out of the room if you ring one in the middle of a duel.